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The Crime of Genocide - exploration of the definition. 

Indict.Org - group of individuals and organisations created in to bring Saddam Hussein and others in the Iraqi regime before an international tribunal to face charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. 

Genocide: Resources for Teaching and Research - provides annotated links, an on-line bibliography, calls for papers, and more. 

Genocide: East Timor - essay on the view that this is the state policy in occupied East Timor. 

Genocide in Kosovo - includes map and links. 

Genocide in Cambodia and Laos - from the Lao Human Rights Council. 

Bloodless Genocide - a political history of the Pitcairn people in Norfolk Island from 1856 to 1996. 

Twentieth Century Democide  - estimates on "death by government" in the 20th Century. 

Canadian Museum of Genocide  - proposal for a museum dedicated to all the known instances of genocide. 

Beauty and Darkness: Cambodia in Modern History - documents, essays, oral histories, and photos relating to the recent history of Cambodia, with an emphasis on the Khmer Rouge period. 

Cambodia: Year Zero 1978 - accounts from survivors of the Khmer Rouge kilings. From the Modern History Sourcebook. 

Cambodian Genocide Program - presents the Cambodian Genocide Data Base, an archive of bibliographic, biographic, photographic and geographic data. 

Cambodian Killing Fields - slideshow presentation of the Khmer Rouge reign. 

Children of the Killing Fields - first hand accounts of those that survived the Khmer Rouge's regime.

Digital Archive of Cambodian Holocaust Survivors - an ad hoc group of Cambodians and non-Cambodians interested in documenting Cambodian survivor stories on the Internet. 

Dith Pran Holocaust Awareness Project - founded by Dith Pran, a Cambodian refugee whose war time story was portrayed in the movie, The Killing Fields. 

From Sideshow to Genocide: Stories of the Cambodian Holocaust - includes an overview of the events that led to the Cambodian holocaust, as well as the stories of survivors who have struggled successfully to put their lives back together. 

Genocide in Cambodia and Laos - from the Lao Human Rights Council. 

Online NewsHour: Pol Pot's Legacy - transcript of the June 1997 PBS report on the genocide in Cambodia. Real Audio version available. 

Portraits of War: Cambodia 1985-1993 - from A State of Grace. 

Thesite: Killing Fields - edited by Joel Deane, photography by Darren Whiteside. 

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