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Rural Sociology
Social Psychology
Urban Studies

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Association for the Study and Development of Community - committed to building the capacity of organizations and institutions to develop the health, economic equity, and social justice of communities. 

Best Practices Database - solutions to common urban problems facing the world's cities today. Designs for Carfree Cities - carfree cities past, present, and future. Solutions to the problem of the urban automobile. 

Civitas - place for exchanging ideas on issues related to the urban environment; in Portuguese and English. 

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Handbook - details the art and science of CPTED for residential and commercial areas. 

Cyburbia  - has feature articles, message boards, classifieds, and a comprehensive directory of Internet resources relevant to planning, architecture, and built environments. 

Got Planning? - information about discussion groups and web resources. 

Links for Planners - includes socioeconomic data, housing data, land use, GIS, schools, jobs, and more. 

New Planner - newsletter of the American Planning Association's student members at Georgia Tech, with articles and conference listings of interest to students and new planners. 

Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) - to develop databases and relevant software to secure easy access to empirical data. NSD was formally established in 1971 by the Norwegian Research Council for Science and the Humanities (NAVF), and is 
today part of The Research Council of Norway. 

Online Planning - explores the impact of internet based communications on the planning process. It includes an exercise in VRML based public particiation and town planning. 

Resource for Urban Design Information (RUDI) Home - collected news, awards, and publications from the UK and beyond. 

Shaping Our Communities: The Impacts of Information-Technology  - on-line resource guide to examine the impacts that information technology and telecommunications have on our cities, towns and land use patterns. 

Tacoma Regional / Urban Design Assistance Team '98 - study conducted by a team of local planners, architects, business owners, and organizational leaders, in an effort to plan the growth and design of the downtown area. 

Transparant Amsterdam - contains information on all existing spatial plans for the Amsterdam region. 

Urban Affairs Association - international professional organization for urban scholars and researchers; sponsors the Journal of Urban Affairs, and holds an annual meeting every spring. 

Urban Environmental Management - repository of information on UEM issues. It looks at urban areas as the intersection of natural, built, and socio-economic environments. 

Urban Issues in Developing Countries - features several papers on urban studies and development. 

Urban Planning, 1794-1918 - an international anthology of articles, conference papers, and reports. 

Urban Planning 2010 - submit your commentary to this forum discussing the planning challenges in the 21st Century.

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